Friday, September 30, 2011

How To Protect Your Car Against Theft

Have you ever been stolen? In fact, I have had. I remember it was a Sunday night, I came home with my boyfriend C. C and I was talking when we came cross the street, without noticing anyone else.Unfortunately, my purse was stolen. Actually, those things happen a lot in our life. If you never suffer theft, then I need to say: you are very lucky. Nowadays auto crimes are widely spread in all countries. If you never encounter auto theft, then congratulate you.
It is suggested that you’d better buy some car anti theft devices. There are some cars anti theft devices available at the market.
1. Alarm Systems
It is clear that alarm system must be the top choice. You shoud take alarm systems into account, and install locks on you’re car to protect your vehicle from thieves. No matter what type of alarm systems you choose, just remember you should make sure that the products can make a loud noise. Usually, thieves are very afraid of noise when they are stealing something.
2. Wheel Locks

Wheel locks are very common in locking bikes, but they are also useful for vehicles. Make sure you get a high quality lock and the tires are locked.
3. Remote Keyless Entry System
A remote keyless entry system is another fine investment into your car’s safety. This is a special system which locks and unlocks access to cars remotely. This is achieved by sending pulses on a particular frequency. Encryption is used in new versions of this system. This allows preventing car thieves from deceiving the signal. As time goes on these systems are getting more and more commonplace and perfect.
4. Trackers
Even if you car has been stolen, you can find it easily if you give you car an equipment with a tracker device. The police will quickly find your car by following the tracker signal back to the source.
5. Immobilisers
This device is always a good idea. It cuts the fuel or the ignition and thus stops your vehicle from being started. The only point is that this device should be hidden in that it was useless if the thief finds it. Of course the immobilizer can not prevent a thief from braking into the vehicle but it is very useful for car stealing prevention.
6. VIN Etching
VIN is vehicle identification number which according to this idea is etched onto many parts of your car. This will make stealing your car with purpose of selling its parts impossible. So even if your vehicle is stole the presence VIN of various important parts of the car will make its identification easy.
All in all, there are many car anti theft devices in the market. If you want your car become safer, you should consider some of them.

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